Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Farewell Utah

Here are a few snapshots of some of our favorite people in Utah. We already miss our Utah family and friends but we're excited for our Georgia adventure.

Max with Grandma and Grandpa.

Max with Great-Grandma and Grandpa Perkins.

Max with Aunt Jamie and Uncle Rich.

Heather with Shawn, Lyndy, and Joshua.

Max with Aunt Lindsay, Uncle Russell and cousin Cal.

Farwell Utah

Max with cousins Emily, Kelsey, Sam, Ethan, Jonah, Caleb and Joshua.

Max with cousins Jacob and Hannah.

Max with Aunt Hayley and Heather.

Max with cousin Joshua.

Heather with Max's cousins Logan and Alex.

Farewell Utah

Our friends MaryAnn and Lucy.

Heather and Lauren.

Heather and Corley.

Heather and Max with Katie, Heidi, and Gracie.

Heather and Max with old roomies Vanessa, Kathy, and Gretchen.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Max and Cal

Here's a cute snapshot of Max and cousin Cal when they were playing last week.

A Trip to the Pool

As you can see, Max was much more interested in eating treats on the side of the pool than he was in swimming. We did manage to coax him into the water for a few minutes. Next time I'll try to capture a picture of him in the actual pool. Needless to say, he looked really cute in his swim trunks (which will probably fit him for a few more summers).

Friday, June 01, 2007

May Pictures

Max really likes pushing strollers so I got him a little one to play with. Obviously Ephraim had nothing to do with this but every GI Joe needs a stroller, right?
Max's goofy personality emerges more and more everyday. He's constantly cracking me up. Here he is with a crazy hairdo formed mostly from dinner leftovers he put on his head.

Another one of Max's new tricks- putting the waste basket on his head and making funny faces. He also loves putting things into the real garbage can or toilet and watching my reaction.

Play Date

Max had a fun play date with his friend Gracie and cousin Cal. Max loved the playground and Gracie and Cal were quite a cute pair.