Monday, July 25, 2011

Quick Rendezvous in Nauvoo

We took a short trip to meet up with my sis Lindsay and her family in Nauvoo. 3-day trips are about perfect for us, we decided. We were lucky to get to go the temple and see the Nauvoo pageant, complete with a pre-show pioneer fair. The boys loved the kids' pioneer games, seeing their cousins, and throwing rocks into the Mississippi river.

Max got to try the drums

Max really liked all the statues of Joseph Smith and wanted pictures with each of them

Posing with our ancestor, Israel Barlow

They were fascinated with the oxen

Before our wagon ride

We had to drag the boys away from the games

Max took this one of us at Carthage Jail

A hand-cart pull in honor of the pioneers, 2 strong dads and 4 delighted boys!

Saturday, July 02, 2011

Summer So Far

Here's what Max and Ezra have been up to recently:

(Lots of dressing up, silly poses, and visits to the awesome parks here in Lincoln)

In other news, we took the boys to the big ultrasound where they loved seeing their new brother already doing karate moves. Max had all kinds of funny questions for the ultrasound tech. such as, "What's all that meaty looking stuff??"

Here's me getting bigger and bigger...7 weeks to go!

The boys think they're hilarious dressed up in the baby gear.

We've found some awesome parks to play and hike in. The boys loved this suspension bridge and seeing the buffalo at this wildlife center.

The slip and slide is a hit with Max, Ezra, and Ginger.

We had a great time at a baseball game a few weeks ago. I think its genius that they have a playground inside the stadium because let's face it, 9 innings is long. Good thing funnel cakes are involved!

Happy Father's Day to Ephraim! The boys picked out water guns, a nerf football and a few other treasures for their favorite dad.

And finally, Ezra's beloved frog, Poopoo Guy. He occasionally finds him out in our yard and works him over. Yesterday he spent over an hour hopping after him, carrying him in his pocket, making him a home in a cooler, the dog dish, and various other places. We finally persuaded Ezra to let Poopoo Guy go home to his family. Ezra is the epitome of a boy (just look at his sweaty, messy, delighted face!)