Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wrapping Up, Part 4

As evidenced below (in no particular order) we had an awesome Christmas together.

Snuggling in a new blanket from Grandma.

Ezra excited about jeans (not really but he's trying!)

Max is a great big bro!

Over 1,000 Lego figure stickers!

3 Christmas boys

Traditional Christmas Eve Pageant

Griffin's delighted with his new barn.

Christmas Eve jammies.

Ezra could hardly stand the excitement of getting his Sensei Wu lego guy.

A silly grin.

The telescope Max asked Santa for (or was is Ephraim that asked Santa for it? I'm not sure.)

Checking out the scope.

Griffin's 1st Christmas= A huge success!

Ezra asked Santa for a Samurai Castle. On Christmas morning he walked straight to our room and asked, "Did my samurai castle get here?"

Proof that I attended Christmas (and even wore my HoHoHo jammies).

Wrapping Up, Part 3

On to the Christmas season!

We went from this:
(beautiful fall sunsets and weather)

to this:
A winter wonderland!

A few Christmas festivities:
Ezra topping the tree.

Christmas cookie baking extravaganza....

These sugar cookies were the first of several dozen cookies baked and consumed by us. Sugar cookies, cream wafers, ginger snaps, mint brownies, geology candy, cherry was a sad, sad day when the freezer was finally empty.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Wrapping Up, Part 2

September and October brought more visitors and fun!

Ephraim gave Griffin a baby blessing on October 4 at our home. We were happy to have my parents and sister and her boys join us for the occasion.

A snapshot Max took of Lindsay, Mason, and Calvin at our favorite park.

Griffin loved meeting Grandma Lillie and Grandpa Cory!

Wrapping Up, Part 1

Wrapping up the highlights of 2011 will take a few posts but for now, here's part 1. Way back in August when Griffin was only a few weeks old, we had a great visit with Ephraim's parents. We were so happy we got to see both of them since Ephraim's dad is working in Mexico right now.

They toured Ephraim's work.

Big fun at the Nebraska State Fair with lots of exotic animals.

Tiny and yellow Griffin enjoyed lots of snuggling with Grandma while Grandpa entertained Max and Ezra with books and roughhousing. We can't wait to see them again!