Sunday, July 01, 2012

This Little Piggie is Going to Be Tasty

Once upon a time Ephraim had a bright idea to get some pigs we could raise all summer then butcher in the fall. 

In the beginning, they were tiny.

They ate and ate and drank and drank.  They got bigger and smellier and their pen went from lush and green to a real pig sty. 

 After digging out and jumping over their pen over and over and us fixing their pen over and over, we've now decided its hard to think of anything nice to say about them.  Ask us in a few months when we're eating bacon.

In other agricultural news, its amazing that with zero gardening experience, our seeds went from this......

 then this........

 60 zucchini and counting! We've also loved our lettuce, cilantro, green beans, and peas.  Corn, watermelon, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, and onions coming soon.

 Two silly, soon-to-be corn-huskers.

And one cute Griffin just for the heck of it. Can't believe this baby is walking already.