Sunday, August 19, 2007

Callaway Gardens

Last Saturday we spent the day at Callaway Gardens and had a great time. Military families get in free so that was a major perk. We saw a bird show with a hawk, owl, and vulture, fed a hungry group of turtles in a pond, visited the butterfly house, then spent the rest of the afternoon at the beach area swimming in the lake. I would have posted these pictures sooner but seeing as how our internet mysteriously stopped working the day Ephraim left for the field for a week, I had to wait for him to get home to fix it (by fixing it, I mean he had to push one measly button that fixed everything.)

Monday, August 13, 2007

Max and Tyson

This is Max and his friend Tyson. They play together almost every day. They're both really silly and have a lot of fun (as long as sharing isn't required). Tyson is learning to walk so he loves pushing Max on his tractor.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

A Message from Max...

Here's what he typed today:

tzxgzxytyy3g5 g53h, m,vu vaavvv u uc n 0phnmop

Max is going a mile a minute.........

These days Max is busier than ever. He loves to play the piano but only if he can turn the pages of the music. He also loves to color but only with markers. Good thing marker washes off our government tile floors so easily.

Max is wearing his parents out.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Baby Boy Cousins

This is from June but I couldn't resist posting it.
Lyndy took this cute picture of Max, Joshua, Calvin, Alex, and Logan.

We can take pictures again!!!

We're so excited to have a new camera!!! Max will even pose and say "cheese" when we take his picture.

So, here's a random shot of a car at Wal-Mart. We see these kinds of cars EVERYWHERE. Apparently, its all the rage to spend thousands of dollars on huge wheels for really crappy old cars painted in loud colors. Anybody understand this? We don't.

Our House

Here are a few shots of our house (the downstairs at least since we need to clean upstairs). We also made a little video tour that you can look forward to seeing in a day or so.

Here's a shot from the outside of our townhouse.


Living Room

Dining Room (notice the refinished table...I'm very proud of Ephraim's tile work!)


Thursday, August 02, 2007

Machine Guns!!!

Ephraim's company is in the field and today they invited all the wives to come visit the range and try firing the machine guns. Before today, I'd never fired any kind of gun so Ephraim thought this was a great way to break me in. In case you're wondering, this was live fire, not blanks. I'm not sure if I hit any targets but it was an adventure (wearing the body armor , eye protection, ear plugs and kevlar helmet was an adventure in and of itself!) It was fun to experience what work is like for Ephraim everyday. By the way, no new camera yet but our good friends the Powells took some great pictures for us. Thanks you guys!

Here's the rambo pose.

All I had to do was pull the trigger and stay out of the way of the burning brass!

Ephraim had to make sure my oversized helmet didn't fall off.

Not sure you can see the smoke really well but we had to 'cease-fire' for a while after this fire started nearby. Luckily, I didn't cause it.

Ephraim and his friend Steve posing as Infantrymen.