Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Brace yourselves for a slew of pictures...

Generally Ephraim is the one who helps me whittle down my picture selection to an acceptable number to post.  However, he's gone to Ft. Irwin, CA for a month preparing for his unit's December deployment to Iraq so I get to post whatever I want. Here's a recap of the last few weeks (consider yourself forewarned about the picture overload).  

Our quest to eat as much barbecue as we can continues.  It appears we're succeeding in our efforts to indoctrinate our children. 

We finally got Max to pose doing his new sad face.  It cracks us up. 

We found him taking a nap in his coon skin cap.  Needless to say, that was one sweaty head when he woke up.

I'm not sure what super hero wears a bra cape and boots made of Mr. Potato Head and a Cool-Whip container but Max was quite proud of this outift.

Does anyone besides me wonder how they both got so big?

Here's our calm child.  He's 5 months old now.

The nakedness is due to an unfortunate blow-out but I thought he sure looked cute.

Ezra is not only adorable but also incredibly tough.  He loves when Max wrestles with him.

Max's latest craze is being a pirate.

Apparently he got tired of cooking in the kitchen and decided to fly it around his room.

Max loves the chalkboard we made him.

We had the chance to head to San Antonio for a few days.  We  got to enjoy the beautiful temple there.  We also had fun at Ft. Sam Houston feeding carrots to the tame deer in the Quadrangle park area.

Before I forget: HAPPY 38th ANNIVERSARY MOM AND DAD!!!! We love you and really appreciate the great examples you are to us!