Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sunday Morning Thoughts

Max has been practicing his letters so he helped me make this sign for Ephraim's homecoming. I can't describe how surreal it is that this deployment is actually coming to an end. Its hard to focus on anything besides the fact that in a few weeks I'll have my husband back.
In the 11 months since Ephraim left for Iraq, I've felt so much support and love from family and friends. I really need to say thank you. Thank you for sacrificing to come visit us, for opening your homes to us, for prayers, letters, calls, emails, boxes of treats, and blog comments letting us know that you're thinking about us. Thank you to everyone who listened when I needed to vent about my kids, my calling, or my dirty house or just when I was feeling lonely.

I also have to express gratitude to my Heavenly Father and my Savior Jesus Christ. I've felt the hand of the Lord in my life and seen His tender mercies. I'm grateful for the influence of the Spirit that's brought me peace and motivation. I'm grateful Ephraim has been protected.

This last year has taught me that I can do hard things. I can't do everything or please everyone but I can do my best and that's enough.

I'm overwhelmed with how much I love these boys. Even on the craziest days, I'm so happy to be their mother. I'm grateful they're healthy, happy, and that they love each other. The other day Max hugged Ezra and said "Best brothers forever!"

We're so proud of Ephraim and all those that serve our country. Even from a distance, Ephraim has been a wonderful dad and husband. We're thrilled to have our little family together again soon!!

And to thank everybody who made it through this lengthy and mushy post, here are some bonus pictures of the boys. Ephraim sent them an inflatable super suit with big muscles. Enjoy!

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Toy Story Tribute

Yes, I'm biased but I thought Max and Ezra made a pretty cute Buzz and Woody. Ezra got the hang of trick-or-treating really quick and wanted to eat each treat immediately. They both had a blast emptying their loot and I had a good time confiscating the good stuff.