Sunday, April 01, 2012

Spring Update

Here is a truly random assortment of the last few months....(in a truly random order....)

Ezra turned 4! We celebrated with a room full of balloons, a Lego Ninjago cake designed by the birthday boy, and a ninja training course for a few of his friends. We love Ezra!

My new blondy much easier to do!

My parents came to visit for Spring Break and to watch the boys while I went to a conference for my Childbirth Educator certification. THANK YOU Mom and Dad for being willing to watch the hooligans for us!!We celebrated my mom's birthday with fantastic carrot cake.

My dad happened to be here when all the garter snakes decided to leave their winter hibernation spots in our yard. With the help of Ginger the dog, he caught at least 2 every single day! (Please don't let this discourage anyone from coming to visit us...)

Griffin a few months ago..I couldn't resist.

Way back around New Year's Uncle Jake came to visit on his way to college in Utah. (Hooray for living in the middle of the country so we can occasionally get visitors who are passing through! Because really, does anyone vacation in Nebraska? No.) It was great to see Jake and the boys had a blast showing and telling him everything they could think of. Come back soon Uncle Jake!!

Max had a Book Parade at school where he got to march through the halls in a costume from his favorite book. If you haven't read Chicks and Salsa, we recommend it! Its hard to believe his kindergarten year is almost over. He's excited to be a "grader" (as he calls it) next year.

Griffin looked so cute dressed up in the pirate get-up from a friend's birthday party. This baby is now 7 months old....where oh where does the time go?!?

If Ezra's not playing with Legos, chances are he's covering himself in mud. He loves to be outside and get dirty.

We are loving the beautiful weather and the chance to play outside everyday!