Monday, May 07, 2012

A Quick Trip to Idaho

We spent a few days in Boise to celebrate Ephraim's Grandparents' Anniversary, Max's 6th Birthday, and Easter.  It was a great weekend and we loved being able to see Ephraim's relatives and my Grandparents too.  

I'm lucky to have a husband who will drive all night long on our roadtrips.  I'm convinced that's the best way to travel with kids (that and lots and lots of episodes of Duck Tales.  Thanks again for the DVDS, Grandma!!!)

Someone left the Cheetos a little too close to this guy.  Nothing like staining the sparkling white hotel linens...
Cousin Quinn and Uncle Jake supplied the boys with hours of entertainment.

Cousin Deidre showing off the soft-serve machine. A huge hit at the Anniversary Party!

Snuggling time with Uncle Jake

More snuggling time with Uncle Jake I guess...

Celebrating 60 Years! 

(Ephraim is standing in for his Dad here)

Lots and lots of delicious food

All the relatives at the party

We transitioned from Anniversary Party mode to Star Wars Birthday Party Mode.  We did some games (including the rocket launchers seen in the picture) and Max opened some fun gifts (like his camo nightrobe...that was the requested birthday item this year...a bathrobe....yes, really).  

And finally, some Easter pics.  Funny that we didn't seem to get one with our whole family...I guess we'll take what we can get.)