Thursday, July 31, 2008

Max was tagged....

5 things about Max:
1. He is seriously quirky. For example, he always eats oatmeal with at least 2 spoons and enjoys eating yogurt with measuring spoons.
2. His current food obsession is marshmallow mateys. He's on track to someday beat Ephraim's record of 43 bowls in one day (set during a contest in the dorms his freshman year).
3. He's very protective of his little brother. No other kids are allowed to approach the car seat or they risk getting shoved.
4. His new phrase "my own" describes his personality these days. He's turning into a fiercely independent toddler.
5. Everything is an instrument to him. His stick horse is a guitar, anything he can hit is a drum, his drum sticks are now a violin and the other day he found a bra in a laundry basket and used it as a set of bongos. We love our Max man.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

We had a great Fourth of July Weekend. We played outside in the water and started a family tradition of having Independence Day Brownie Sundaes. We also went to the Waco Zoo and had a great time there.
It was a tight fit in the kiddie pool but lots of fun.

Here's Ezra looking very patriotic. These days he's working on rolling and giggling.

Mom and Max with the giraffes.

Max and a camouflaged sea creature. Can you spot it?

I guess the zoo made an impression on Max because the next day he'd set up his own in the kitchen cupboard.