Friday, May 22, 2009

A Random Week

Well, I'm not winning Mother of the Year anytime soon but the boys and I sure have fun together.  Tonight for dinner we had key lime pie ice cream cones followed by cheetos.  

Early morning cartoon-watching is a regular occurence around here. 

Here's Max washing his sweet new Hummer we snagged from a neighbor's trash pile. 

I was excited to finally get a good toothy grin photo of cute Ezra. 

And finally, I've been meaning to post pictures of Max in his adorable birthday suit (not that birthday suit...) from Grandma and Grandpa.  The second picture is the pose he gave me when I asked him to model his new suit.  When he first tried it on and looked in the mirror he said (and this is a direct quote) "I look just like Joseph Smith".  Not entirely sure where that one came from but I guess family home evening is paying off.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

I Guess I'll Keep Them

I had a whole post written about how these two have been driving me nuts all week but today they both woke up happy and convinced me I'll be able to cope with temporary-single-motherhood for another week.  I should add that I really do love being a mom and I'm so thankful to have two beautiful, healthy, and hilarious little boys.  We've been playing outside a lot.  At least we were until I saw a black widow on the back porch. Now I need to call pest control before I can send the boys out without worrying about Ezra eating a poisonous spider.  Anyway, Ezra likes Max's t-ball set more than Max does.  He's very meticulous about placing the ball on the tee, whopping it with the bat then clapping for himself. Max and Ezra both love playing in the water but as you can see, our pool sprang a leak.  Time to invest in a new kiddie pool.  And might I point out that Ezra is even more Ephraim-esque then ever (if that's possible).