Sunday, July 29, 2007

After over a month of not posting, we're happy to report that we're alive and well in our new home on Ft. Benning. Aside from the blazing inferno of humidity and occasional texas-sized roach, we are loving Georgia. We've been planning to post pictures of our house but our camera is on the fritz. Therefore, donations for a new camera are welcome. In the meantime, here are a few snapshots we captured before the death of the camera.

Here are my two favorite boys.

Ephraim's heavenly Publix cake.

Max posing in our new living room.

Here's Max in his room with his new IKEA rug.

Ode to Max's Backseat Companion

We could not have made it to Georgia without Grandma Lillie!!!! She is the queen of entertaining Max in the car and because of her, the cross-country drive was not too bad. We are so grateful for all of her help! We love you Mom! Here we are at our last hotel in Columbus. We were pretty happy to have the drive over with after 4 days in the car!