Sunday, May 08, 2011

Howdy from Cornhusker Country!

After a 6,000-mile trek from Texas to Nebraska to Utah then back to Nebraska to Ohio to Virginia then back to Ohio then back to Nebraska, we're happy to be settled in our new home. We loved getting to visit with so many family members along the way and wish our camera hadn't had a broken lens for most of the trip. A bunch of out of order, blurry pictures from Ephraim's phone and borrowed pictures from other people's blogs will have to suffice!

After our egg hunt and egg dying:

We celebrated the boys' birthdays all along our trip- 3 parties in 3 states! On Max's actual birthday we partied at an indoor playground here in town and then went to Cici's.

The delighted 5-year old. "Can you believe I'm a whole hand???"

Thor helmet

Lego Ninjago

The mustache Ezra won at Cici' matched perfectly!

We had a great time in Virginia seeing Ephraim's parents, Hayley, Adam, Ellie, and Seth. The wienie roast was a hit!

The boys had a ball playing outside.

They mastered the marshmallow guns.

Another great birthday celebration! Ezra is 3!

These boys are obsessed with Star Wars.

Proof of our trip to Utah...I really dropped the ball in the picture-taking department! We had a fantastic time with my family and Max still talks about the Star Wars cake Aunt Jamie made him.

Max is enthralled with museums. He had 2 things at the Smithsonian he insisted on seeing: Amelia Earhart's airplane and the Real C3P0. Mission accomplished!

We were lucky enough to get to meet up with my sister Lindsay and her family in DC for a fun day of exploring.

To Max and Ezra's adoring grandparents: I promise to update more frequently! Sorry to have kept you all waiting!