Sunday, February 02, 2014

Some recent Greta pictures

Hard to believe she's 6 and a half months old! She's decided sleeping well at night isn't important but she sure is cute.

January Pics for Grandmas

We loved visiting Phillip and Paula in LA.  Max was great at farm work and the boys loved being with cousins.  We had a great time! Thanks for the cute pictures, Paula!!!

A random picture of Greta after getting into a blue marker....

December Pics for Grandmas

December was fabulous! We made lots of treats, Ephraim and I went on our yearly fancy steak dinner date, Greta had her very first Christmas, we had our friends the Terrys over for our Christmas Eve Pageant,  Max got his yellow belt in karate, Christmas morning was lots of fun and full of Legos, and we left on a great vacation to Ft. Worth, TX.  We had a blast at an indoor water park, Greta went to her first BBQ joint, and we loved seeing family.