Friday, January 25, 2008

Ranger School Graduation!!!

Ephraim graduated from Ranger School today. This was momentous for two reasons: (1) it proves how tough he is (I have to brag- only about half of the people who start the course actually graduate) and (2) now he's home with us again! Its a win-win situation. The ceremony was held outside (on what felt like the coldest day of the whole winter so we froze) but it was worth it to see Ephraim get his new Ranger tab.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Swim Diaper Day

This was all Max wanted to wear yesterday. Here he is posing with the new kitchen he got for Christmas. In other news, only 2 more weeks until Ranger School Graduation! It will be great to have a husband again.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Our Nation's Capitol...

One of me and Ephraim's favorite Christmas presents was a Max-free day of sightseeing in Washington, D.C. We think its hilarious that we look photo-shopped into a lot of these pictures. Rest assured, we're actually there.

Lincoln Memorial

Washington Monument
I had no idea you could go to the top but it was really cool.

The beautiful new World War II Memorial

The National Christmas Tree
No offense to America but I thought the paper bows were a little disappointing.

Ephraim at the base of the Washington Monument looking down towards the WWII and Lincoln Memorials.

Here we are flanking the White House.

At the Smithsonian with Mr. Rogers' sweater and Seinfeld's puffy shirt.

Charles Lindburgh's Spirit of St. Louis at the National Air and Space Museum.

Looking towards the Capitol.

Christmas in Virginia

Ephraim had an 18-day Christmas break from Ranger School so we drove up to Virginia and had a great time with his family.

Here's Max wearing part of his Christmas jammies and opening the other part.

Modeling the jammies.

Max got some fun new toys like trucks and cars and puzzles for Christmas. After opening a few things though, he decided he needed a break. After laying down for a bit then having some M&M's, he was ready for more Christmas festivities.

Max with Aunt Hayley and Uncle Adam.

Max started saying, "Joe!" (as in, "Yo Joe!" from G.I. Joe).
Here he is demonstrating his new skill with Grandpa.

Max with Aunt Paula, Grandma, Cousin Izzie, and Uncle Jake.

Max's Favorite Things at Grandma and Grandpa's...

playing outside,

helping out around the house,

playing with the dogs (here he is with Tank),

and accompanying Dad on the drums
(Uncle Jake got the video game Rock Band and it was a hit).

The blogging hiatus has ended...

After nearly two months of traveling, we're back in Georgia and finally ready to recap the holiday season. While Ephraim endured the first 6 weeks of Ranger School (for those not familiar with this type of torture, click here) me and Max headed to Utah. With the exception of Max's vomiting on the flights, the trip was great. We had a delicious Thanksgiving, did lots of fun things, and enjoyed seeing so many family members and friends. Getting home to Fort Benning was a pretty terrible ordeal (this time it was me that did the vomiting) so I've vowed to never fly with kids by myself again.

Max with cousin Hannah eating Thanksgiving dinner.

Uncle Shawn posing with Heather's lime tarts.

Max and the Max-sized Santa.

Max and all of his boy cousins loved dressing up in knight costumes.

We got to celebrate cousins Kelsey and Calvin's birthdays!

Max got to play in snow (for the record, we're still enjoying temps in the 60's here!)

Max and Grandpa at Temple Square.

Max helping Grandma and Grandpa unwrap their presents...matching pajamas..hurray!

We also got to meet baby Asher and go to his blessing. Here we are posing with Corley and Asher.