Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Destructo Brothers

Don't be fooled by their angelic appearance.  Max and Ezra have become quite the mischievious pair. Ezra mainly sticks to the tearing, biting and ripping of important items while Max is the mastermind behind such recent exploits as the 5-lbs-of-sugar-dumping incident and last Tuesday's mirror-shattering incident.  

While they are definitely getting into more trouble than ever, they're also tons of fun these days. Ezra is now 7 months old, crawling, pulling himself to standing, eating exciting new things and pretty much doing whatever he wants. 

Max is OBSESSED with the Doodlebops and anything related to a rock band (a video of Max live in concert will soon be posted).  He has a great imagination and also recently taught himself to do a somersault.  We hooked Ezra's walker to Max's tractor and they have a great time caravaning around the kitchen.  Max likes to use a laundry basket as the drive-thru window which he pulls up to and always orders 2 hot dogs and 2 ice creams.  These boys are keeping us thoroughly entertained.

Date Night in Ft. Worth

We look happy in the pictures but boy was that TCU game ugly.  At least we had fun being together, enjoying a child-free evening thanks to the awesome Mitchells, and stopping for a late night snack at Taco Cabana...yum!

Here's to you, Christopher Columbus!

In honor of Columbus Day we discovered a new place to hike.  We found a great kid-friendly trail to a waterfall and we even saw a water snake.  Max was in heaven with all the rocks and sticks and Ezra enjoyed the ride.  October weather in Texas is fabulous!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Grand Canyon State

While Ephraim vacationed in the suffocatingly hot deserts of California, my mom offered to come visit and drive with me to Arizona to see Lindsay, Russell, and Calvin. We had a great time celebrating Lindz's birthday (only 12 more years til the big 4-0!), enjoying the pool (who knew it was still 102 in September??), getting pedicures (by very tiny Asian men), and other fun stuff (don't worry, I'll quit with the parentheses now).  I have no pictures of Russell-apparently this is a testament to his dedication as a med student.  

The boys and I also got a chance to see Corley, Jonathan, and cute Asher in Tucson.  We visited her incredible family in Las Cruces before we headed back to Texas.  Corley must be my best friend since she was willing to drive back with me and take full responsibility to entertain 3 boys under 3 packed like sardines into the back of our Saturn. Amazingly enough, we had a smooth trip back and my only regret (besides a speeding ticket in Austin) is that we didn't have more time together.  Thanks for a great September Mom, Roberts, and Newburns!

I love you Mom!

The boys love you, too!
2 tired boys at our hotel in El Paso.

Lindz, Me and the fellas at the Mesa temple's cactus garden.

Mesa Temple

One of the favorite past-times.

Matching cousins.  Can you believe they're all looking pleasant?

I love you Corley!

Here's adorable Asher- happy belated b-day!!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Before we catch up on the last month, here are Max and Ezra's new girl cousins- one on each side! Ellie and Ella were born within a month of each other and we can't wait to meet each of them in November! Congrats Hayley & Adam and Lyndy & Shawn!  We love you!