Saturday, October 16, 2010

Everything's Bigger in Texas

Especially the
We headed up to Dallas last weekend and had a fabulous, jam-packed day of Texan fun.

{Fried food, carnival rides, free samples out the wazoo, free admission to an awesome kid's museum, petting zoo extravaganza, kid-sized pretend farm}

The boys and Big Tex, the famous State Fair icon (Max really didn't like him when he started talking)

Brotherly love

2 Thumbs Up for the chocolate milk!

Ode to the deep we see Ephraim with chicken fried bacon, turkey leg, and fried frito pie. Not pictured but also sampled: fried smores, frozen chocolate dipped cheesecake, and the world famous corny dog and jalapeno cheese corny dog. Believe it or not, we skipped a few things: fried butter, fried pizza, fried pb&j, and fried beer.

The boys loved digging for dinosaur fossils and playing dress-up at the museum on the fairgrounds.

There was an elaborate kiddie farm where the boys planted, harvested, and sold their produce, fed their animals and drove their tractors.

Not too shabby for our first-ever State Fair!