Sunday, November 04, 2012

Micro-Rams and Halloween Fun

Max played flag football this year and Ephraim volunteered to coach his team, the "Micro-Rams".  You'll notice their jerseys (and every other team's jerseys) say "Jr. Husker Football" (a tribute to the pride of Nebraska, the Huskers.  Beware, if you are in public on a game day and you're not decked out in red, people will look at you funny.  Also, we are the odd ones out since we don't have a large, red "N" on the outside of our house or car).  Anyway, back to the Micro-Rams.  I have no idea how many games they won but they all seemed to have a great time and they even attempted to pass the ball a few times.  It was a great season and Ephraim was a fun coach for them. 

Ezra's preschool group went to the coolest Pumpkin Patch we've ever been to.  Ezra loved the sit and scoot things you ride on. 

Ezra and Griffin loved this little bus filled with corn (again, remember we're in Cornhusker land) where you could dig and bury yourself.

Griffin gets more and more toddler-ish everyday.

Getting these boys to commit to costumes is like pulling teeth. This year they all ended up wearing dress-ups we've had around the house for years (earlier in the Halloween season Ezra insisted on being a vampire but he said it was too tight and itchy so he abandoned that one for trick or treating).  Max is Cade Bane (a bounty hunter from the new animated Star Wars the Clone Wars) Ezra is the Thing and Griffin is a dino.

 A fruitful trunk or treat for all! 

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Anonymous said...

Glad to seeyour blog again. Was worried about you. Gramps is doing well.Love you all. Great photos.